Eastenders is Moving!

Eastenders is moving from Prime to UKTV on May 4th 2009

It will be shown at 7.00pm Monday to Thursday.

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  • openmedia

    So even if freeview get Prime, all the popular content will move onto Sky’s pay channels anyway?

  • Concerned

    WTF!! this is a crime.


    The decision has been made by BBC Worldwide, who say: “We are very grateful for Prime Television’s commitment to EastEnders, and the support it has shown this award-winning title over the last few years. However, BBC Worldwide is obliged to make commercial decisions in order to make the best possible return to the BBC. This has ultimately led to the conclusion of a deal with UKTV. We are delighted that EastEnders will remain on air in New Zealand, and that it will return to the primetime schedule on UKTV.” From May 4, Eastenders can be found on UKTV (Digital 6), Mondays to Thursdays at 7pm.

  • Despondant

    Do me a favour!…. you’ll need to do better than that sunshine. This smokes bone. Can you please explain in more detail how this arrangement works. Prime is Sky UKTV is Sky…. what gives? Are you saying that BBC wants EastEnders exclusively on a Pay TV channel?

  • nanisnap

    BBC Worldwide owns UKTV. So you can’t blame them for wanting to put their content on their own channel.

  • 7pm prime crap

    I love it! one good reason NOT to get pay TV.
    & that magic number again 7pm when all the crap gets aired during prime time TV.

  • Angry

    So this sets a precedent for everything BBC going to Pay TV here….not good news for whats left of decent telly on the other channels.

  • steve

    Oooh does this mean that we will suddenly get newer episodes? I know that UKTV in Australia is 4 weeks behind the UK

  • steve

    I wonder if UKTV is going to rebrand as BBC New Zealand or something. I’ve noticed the UKTV idents and jingle have been removed between programmes and replaced with BBC Idents.

  • TuiKiwi

    Ooh really? I wouldn’t mind if it did.

  • electric

    According to Sky website…they are carrying on from the same place it is now…. Apparently BBC has 50% holding in UKTV everywhere and they show mainly old stuff on it. So assuming Sky just pays for the feed… like they do with E, Discovery, ESPN CNN…..and all that other shit.

  • George

    bbc policy bullshit to get uktv you have to subcribe to sky /aka newscorp. its just another way to get revinue into sky/newscorps pocket, it started smokkywith the bill were will it end