Emergency Heroes Series Finale

Emergency Heroes – the series that has shown everyday people exactly what happens behind the scenes when a 111 call comes to an end with another action packed episode when the series finals on Wednesday, April 29th at 8pm on 3.

Emergency Heroes follows the work of the courageous people who respond to 111 calls. In the course of each ordinary day, these heroes risk their lives as they race to respond to a call, never knowing exactly what they’ll find at the scene.

“I don’t find the big trauma jobs too bad,” series star Helen Barry tells The Dominion Post about her experiences as a Paramedic in the Wellington Free Ambulance.

“The jobs I find personally hard are the domestics, where you turn up at night and there’s little four and six-year-olds running around who don’t have their jarmies on and who have just seen dad thump mum because they’ve both had a bit too much to drink.”

Over the season Emergency Heroes has taken viewers on the often unknown ride with not only the Paramedics but all three services – Police, Fire and Ambulance.

And Barry says that it is often this unknown that’s part of the excitement of her job as well as Emergency Heroes.

“That’s one of the beauties of it,” she says. “You turn up and you have no idea what you are going to be in for on any given day.”

But what we do know is that in the season finale Aji and Clare will go after bag-snatchers, vandals will start a fire in Herne Bay and Kelvin will attempt to get the truth out of a suspected car-knocker.

Make sure not to miss all this action when we say goodbye to our heroes on the Emergency Heroes season finale, screening on Wednesday, April 29th at 8pm on 3.

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