SATURDAY 25th April

New Zealand’s Martin Henderson stars with James Franco in this dramatic story of World War One fighter pilots, screening for the first time free-to-air on Prime.

World War I began in Europe in 1914, but by 1917, the United States had still not entered the war. However, many brave young American men went to France to fly and fight for the Allied powers.

They joined the Lafayette Escadrille fighter squadron. The average life expectancy for a fighter-pilot was three to six weeks. Why did these Americans volunteer to fight in France with a future of certain death before them when their own country was not at war? 

Flyboys follow the story of Blaine Rawlings, a young man who was forced to leave his home in Texas after the family ranch was foreclosed by the bank. Blaine sees a newsreel of fighter-pilots in France and decides that he has nothing to lose. 

This fantastic film explores the true meaning of love, brotherhood, heroism, courage and tolerance.

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