Pouring over the Sunday papers so you don’t have to and condensing their TV coverage down to:

The two big TV stories:

Shortland Street:

  • Shortland Street has been filming in Rarotonga for the last three weeks.
  • Robbie Magasiva (The Strip, Sione’s Wedding) will be appearing on the show.
  • Bonnie Soper (Morgan) talks to the Herald on Sunday about her role as surrogate mother.

Dancing with the Stars:

  • Quotes from the contestants
  • Spy says Josh Kronfeld and Rachel Burstein’s dance moves last week were “bordering on porno. We loved it! It was TV gold. Shameless Paul Henry loved it too – and surprise, surprise – he wasn’t afraid to play it on Breakfast in slow motion. We want more.”

Steve Braunias in Sunday magazine says James Griffin is “smearing his usual wacky slapstick dross over every square inch of the rotten Diplomatic Immunity“.


Blind items:

“Which self-conscious TV star has no issues of insecurity in the bedroom?  Just ask the three women he’s been secretly bedding.” 

“Who embassingly begged producers of Dancing with the Stars and NZ’s Next Top Model for a starring role only to be politely declined?”

“Which two TV faces bonded over air kisses and A-list drugs at which schleb party house?”

TV developments:

Gordon Ramsey has just signed up for another season of Kitchen Nightmares and possibly another season of Hell’s Kitchen.

Eurovision 2009 to screen in NZ!

No Doubt have recorded a cover of “Stand and Deliver” for an upcoming Gossip Girl episode.

Dominic Bowden has a cameo role on Go Girls on April 23.


Pippa Wetzell’s new baby Cameron Jade (8lb 9oz) was born yesterday and both mum and baby are doing very well.  Pippa will return to work in October.  Co-host Paul Henry says he knew it would be a girl and says “it’s a great name, but is it a boy’s name, I wonder?”


Mischa Barton (The OC) poses nude in Cosmopolitan magazine

Mike Hosking is spotted cycling in Remuera (who knows why the papers find this so fascinating)

Rebecca Hobbs and Aaron Gilmore were Spy-ed having lunch together


There’s all sorts of commentary on Sky getting the rights to the Rugby World Cup.

Sunday News has photos from Underbelly as a figure involved in the 1970s Mr Asia crime ring is facing a serious criminal charge.

Supernanny‘s discipline methods are debated in the Herald on Sunday after a lecturer said they were unprofessional teaching tactics in preschools.

Brendan Telfer is expected to be home from hospital any day now.

Mucking In releases a book.

Jono Pryor shares a fishing story from his childhood with Sunday magazine.


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  • aaronimpact

    “Who embassingly begged producers of Dancing with the Stars and NZ’s Next Top Model for a starring role only to be politely declined?”

    Charlotte Dawson?

  • regan

    Charlotte seems to be reveling in her role on Australia’s Next Top Model  

  • Bev

    Congrats Pippa … I also have a Cameron Wetzel … he is Cameron Michael Wetzel… take note single ‘l’ i think its a small world after all … enjoy ure new baby …

  • Fozzy Bear

    I can’t beleive any of this $#%^ qualifies as news!

  • GoWriteMale

    Fozzy Bear

    Everybody brain is turning into mash, I only come here now and again because I dont want to catch this very sick contagious disease

    Most of the programs most people watch here is rubbish, they would not know a good program on TV if it jumped up and said “here I am”

  • Rachel

    It amazes me how much all the Sunday papers are turning into tabloids…

  • TFF_off_ST

    Crazy!  It was really in the Sunday Papers that Aaron & Rebecca were having lunch together?!

    *CRAP!  This means that they are both having an affair!  OMG!!!!*
    Is that what people are supposed to think after reading that?!

    SO stupid!

    I mean, they got eliminated a couple of weeks ago .. so, what they are just meant to give up their friendship and not allowed to have lunch together without being questioned on having an affair?!