Merlin: Sunday 26th March

Family Drama

Deep in a subterranean cave a beautiful witch, Nimueh (Michelle Ryan, The Bionic Woman and Eastenders), moulds a clay model into a tiny creature that she brings to life with a drop of water. She places the strange being into an egg and sends it hurtling down the river that flows towards Camelot. The egg surfaces in the water of a darkened vault – the one which supplies all of Camelot’s drinking water.

When a mysterious plague sweeps over Camelot, Gaius confides to Uther that he believes the illness to be magic in origin. Merlin overhears this exchange and urges Gaius to let him use his powers to cure the sickness. Gaius is outraged with Merlin’s suggestion and reminds his young charge of the punishment for practising magic.

When Gwen’s father is struck down with the magical plague, Merlin has to decide whether to risk his own life to save him.

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  • Rachel

    Really looking forward to this show which start tonight on PRIME at 7:30pm.