Mucking In Releases Book

Mucking In turns 10 this year and is releasing a 160 page book called “” ($39.99 RRP).

The book features garden designs, tips, stories from the show and more.  Did you know the show receives about 1000 nominations a month to sift through?

Here’s the press release:


TV ONE’s premier garden makeover show, Mucking In, turns 10 this year. To celebrate, the show’s host Jim Mora and show garden designer Tony Murrell share a selection of highlights, garden designs and tips from the past three series, including some of the behind-the-scenes magic that has transformed gardens for the people who transform others’ lives in a vibrant and colourful new book, Mucking In: The gardens and the gardeners.

Jim and the team have been working with communities throughout New Zealand to surprise, amaze and delight viewers and garden recipients alike, as friends, colleagues and neighbours come together to show how much these unsung heroes are cherished and appreciated.

‘When Mucking In started,’ says Jim, ‘I was curious about how many really great, selfless people we would find. We’re still finding them. They live in every city and town, nook and cranny of New Zealand.’

The book is overflowing the stories of Mucking In’s garden makeover recipients — Jim’s ‘unsung community heroes’ — from the past three series. It is packed with photos of neglected plots being transformed (over just one weekend!) under Tony’s planning and guidance into stunning, easy-care garden havens.

Tony’s design and planting tips make the book much more than an interesting retrospective of the television show. Mucking In is a book of wonderful memories and people, but also a useful guide for gardeners inspired by some of the magnificent gardens created with the warm hearts and gratitude of communities for cherished ‘unsung heroes’.

Jim Mora is a popular radio and television announcer. He has also written cartoons and children’s books. He has been with Mucking In since its inception. His own garden is nothing to write home about, but he is gradually mastering the art of compost. He finds it easy to grow radishes, but everything else is a struggle that builds character.

Tony Murrell has his own garden design business and is the author of Garden Designs to Enhance Your Life. This is Tony’s third season as part of the Mucking In team. He calls it ‘the most rewarding job ever’. Tony’s own garden is a mixture of vegetables, natives and exotics, grown where possible in new and interesting ways. Tony also lives in Auckland, where he sometimes pops over to Jim’s to offer much-needed gardening suggestions.

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