New Show Premiere

SUNDAY 19th March

Family Drama

Prime is delighted to bring you this brilliant BBC family drama series which tells the story of Merlin the teenager – not yet, Merlin the man of myth and legend.

Merlin will, one day, be the greatest wizard the world has ever known. But for now he’s just a young man, leaving home for the first time and entering the exciting world of Camelot. The mythical city offers a world of opportunity but also hidden dangers.


Merlin arrives in Camelot full of enthusiasm and swagger but his confidence is soon cut short when he is greeted by a set of gallows and a man being executed for practising magic. 

Although shaken Merlin is excited to be away from home and keen to meet his guardian Gaius. But when he uses magic quite unintentionally, Gaius is concerned by his new protégé’s hidden gift.

Merlin runs into trouble again when he meets young Prince Arthur – are they really destined to be great friends?

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