QI should be on our screens!

Why has QI never come to our screens?

Its brilliant, a mixture of quiz show with a dash of comedy and a great deal of entertainment.

Stephen Fry Hosts the show, with Jonathan Creek actor Alan Davies as a regular panellist along with a great line up of other panellists including Jeremy Clarkson.

If you’ve never seen it have a look on Youtube, you won’t be disappointed.

Come on NZ broadcasters “WE WANT QI”

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  • Karen B

    Hi there,

    You’re right that QI is great and I’ve looked into it more than once over the years but unfortunately I keep getting the same answer – that it is too expensive to clear for just one territory (NZ) since no-one else is interested.  (And by too expensive I mean SERIOUSLY too expensive to clear talent, clip rights etc)

    Sorry about that!

  • wotsonthebox

    shame, it is good.