Quotes from the contestants

Tamati on Rebecca’s elimination:
“It means everything on TV – how you come across.  And the way she was jumping up-and-down… I know I spoke to plenty of my family and friends and they were like, ‘why does she jump around like that?’ I tell them it’s how she expressed herself and they tell me they didn’t like t” 

Barbara on being in the bottom two:
“I’m going to have to work a lot harder next week, now that I know we’re at the bottom of the votes.”

Josh on favourites:
“From everything I’ve seen on this show, you never know when your time’s up.  The judges play a part of that.  I reckon they definitely have their favourites and let things slide with some, but not others.”   

Stefano on his rude comment:
“The real Stefano is a really cheeky boy, and sometimes you forget the camera’s pointed at you.  I am sorry that people didn’t take it in the good nature it was definitely meant.”

Geraldine on losing weight:

“No, not a skerrick.  Why would I want to?  I am beautiful, why would I want to lose any weight?  That was never my objective.  I got great calf muscles out of it.  I don’t weigh myself, why would I want to do that? I think I’m lovely as I am.  I’m healthy and fit.  You must love yourself.”

Geraldine on her pain:
“Bits of me were falling apart.  It’s a heavy schedule.  The ligament in my foot makes things difficult.  I’ve had buckets of ice at the show, and physios with me all the time looking after my feet.  I’ve been well and truly looked after.”

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