Ronan Keating to perform on Dancing with the Stars final

What do you think about the news that ex-Boyzone singer Ronan Keating will perform on the final of Dancing with the Stars on April 21?

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  • Benny Mack

    I think that having this guy ronan on dancing with the stars is a joke.

    what a waste of tax payers money, imagine the superb local programming that could have been produced instead.

    but we just have to keep on spending all the funding on crappy international television franchises.

    what a load of shit.

  • regan

    er, how can you say it was a waste of taxpayers money when DWTS would have well and truly been paid for by advertising?

  • aaronimpact

    Oh please Benny.

    By having Ronan Keating on it keeps the old lady viewers happy. Who are mostly the ones that watch DWTS.