Triangle and Stratos test Super City Thinking

Auckland’s Super City plan has official government blessing and the changes look set for the next local government elections in 2010.

But does the plan hit the mark for business and local body politics? Do politics and the power of big business outweigh those who want to keep local government decentralised? Will creating Australasia’s largest city mean ratepayers will have to pay up and shut up?

David Beatson, one of New Zealand’s most experienced current affairs analysts and a veteran broadcaster, puts the hard questions to a panel of the region’s local government politicians, a representative the Committee for Auckland and of a powerful lobby for infrastructure development.

The panel is Nick Main (Committee for Auckland), Stephen Selwood (NZCID), Mike Lee (Auckland Regional Council) and Mayors Bob Harvey (Waitakere), Len Brown (Manukau) and Andrew Williams (North Shore).

Recorded live and sponsored by the Planning Institute of NZ, the Super City debate will be simulcast on Triangle Television and Stratos Television on April 22 at 9pm

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