Tuesday 7 April, 7.30pm

It’s Maria’s hen night and she’s having a great time – until Carla turns up and puts a downer on things. After witnessing Carla’s jibes all evening, Michelle tells her to lay off Maria. She also reveals that Maria’s paranoid because Liam called out for Carla when he was gravely ill.

The day after his stag night, Liam’s suffering with a hangover, and as the factory girls give him a raucous send-off, Carla struggles to get into the spirit. Later, after Maria’s moved into Audrey’s for the night, Carla pays him a visit and asserts that they need to talk.

Jason arrives back from Italy with bad news, and tensions flare between Mel, Darryl and Lauren. Michelle sneaks out of Amy’s party preparations to call Alex after he failed to show up for their meeting. She’s relieved when he returns her call and when he arranges to meet her she lies that she’s going to collect the cake. Fiz feels terrible when she visits Chesney, who’s not feeling well, and finds he is living in squalor.

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