TVNZ confirm second season of Go Girls

TVNZ and NZ On Air are pleased to announce that the hit local drama Go Girls will be coming back for a second series. The fun loving, sexy series about three friends – Amy, Britta and Cody – seen through the eyes of their best mate Kevin, has proved to be a real hit with New Zealand viewers.

Go Girls has consistently delivered strong audience ratings and dominated its timeslot on Thursday night on TV2.

Jeff Latch, Head of Television, says, “We are extremely pleased with the success of Go Girls. The team at South Pacific Pictures has created another hit drama with great writing and high production values. We are excited to see where the team will go with series two.”

Jane Wrightson, Chief Executive of NZ On Air says the funding agency is delighted to help a local drama succeed in the tough 8-30pm prime time slot.  “We’ve been looking for another popular prime time drama series for a while, and Go Girls has delivered it in spades”, she said.

The funding agency has committed $6.246 million to South Pacific Pictures for production of the second series.

Chris Bailey, Managing Director of South Pacific Pictures is thrilled with the support from TVNZ and says, “South Pacific Pictures are delighted that TVNZ and NZ On Air are keen to commission a second series of Go Girls.”

Jane Wilson, General Manager of Programming says that New Zealand is currently producing some exceptional local dramas.

“The re-commissioning of Go Girls at this stage is testament to the network’s support for this show. We look forward to seeing a lot more New Zealand drama on our screens, “says Wilson.   

Production will commence later in the year and will screen on TV2 in 2010.

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  • lalala

    Finally! It’s been a long time (aside from Outrageous Fortune) that I heard a NZ drama being commissioned for another season, let alone second I think. The ratings, like the article said has been very good, so it deserves another season.

  • aaronimpact

    Kudos to TVNZ for having the balls to say yes to a second season of a NZ drama.

  • regan

    Are we talking 22 episodes or 13?

  • openmedia

    I’m thinking 12 or 13.. This season was 13 Jan-Jan so will next season be 13 Feb-Feb?


    I like the whole “Year in the live” model they currently have.

  • aaronimpact

    Has anyone else noticed the actress who plays Britta also plays a waitress in a restaurant in the Coldpower ad.

    She walks past the camera at the start of the ad.

  • TeeBee

    This is great – its a good show and deserves the recognition and support of TVNZ! I am interested to see who gets what they wanted at the end of this series and who wants what in the next one!

  • Felicity

    Excellent news!!

  • I_am

    Wow, great news This is a great show – looking forward to it coming out on DVD so we can see all the shows we missed in the first series. Great that it’s been available on demand too, even if only the last few shows (I guess that is so that we buy the DVD…)

  • allybelly

    will season 1 be out on dvd do ya know??????

  • allybelly

    i want to be on it!!!!!!!! i love go girls!!!!!! although i already have been on it but i really want to be on it again!!!!!! love ya go girls bye!

  • Kathleen

    YES!! I was wondering whether there will be a 2nd season!! Hoping Amy and Kev get together but I guess we will c! Definitely my fave show, even my 60 yr old mother got into it!

  • hampete

    Oh I am soooo happy! I loved this show! Finally TVNZ makes something worthwhile and does something about it.