Eliot Kid Premiere

DISNEY CHANNEL – Fridays from 15 May, 4pm

When a tooth falling out turns into a hunt for the “giant mouse”, when the city’s sewers transform into Indiana Jones’ white rapids or when a trip to the toilet becomes an expedition to a haunted house, you’ve entered the wonderful world of Eliot Kid! Yup! Eliot has a wild imagination! He turns the most normal and mundane situations into Hollywood action-adventure blockbusters! And in spite of himself, he is always the hero! How do kids interpret what grownups are saying? How do they feel about certain daily events, films they see or simply the environment, the world they live in every day? Well…very differently from reality, that’s how! This fantastic and magical world is seen

through the eyes of Eliot, a little kid with a mind-boggling imagination. This funny, poetic journey takes you into the turbulent world of an incredibly inventive little kid. Join us this May for the premiere of Eliot Kid, only on Disney Channel!

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