If I was Prime

We know that Prime aren’t planning a second season of New Zealand’s Got Talent this year but if I was them, I’d be thinking about reconsidering.

In fact, I’d have been bouncing off the walls 6 weeks ago as Susan Boyle became an instant star and the most talked about celebrity in the media for weeks – not to mention becoming YouTube’s most watched.  Having so much exposure of the “Got Talent” brand on TV One and TV3, I would have been trying to figure out how all that publicity could work for me.

If it had been me, I would have been begging the corporates upstairs to commit some budget and start planning for auditions.  With all the talent talk, I imagine it would have been fairly easy to get people signing up for their shot at some coin – and potentially become another internet star.

Talent is hot right now and it’s a shame we’re not gonna be riding the success of it this year.

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  • TheStig

    There was hardly enough talent the first time around. Let sleeping dogs lie