In the Sunday papers: May 17 2009

There’s more anaylsis and fallout from ABC’s Four Corners documentary which exposed NRL sex scandals.

In two weeks time, Maori Television will start showing two rugby league club games a week.    It’s thought that league is the first grassroots club sport to get a proper broadcast deal.

TVNZ has won the rights to Wimbledon.

Leigh Hart is going to Peru to film a documentary series for TVNZ entitled Leigh Hart’s Mysterious Planet in search of the mythical city of gold, El Dorado.

Juice TV is holding a guitar challenge to see how many people can play “Why Does Love Do This to Me?” on May 24.

Jamie Oliver will make a US prime-time TV show for ABC where he’ll try to convert an entire American town to eat healthily.  The show will air early 2010.

Shortland Street actors Fleur Saville and Harry McNaughton (Libby and Gerald) star in Book of Love at the Comedy Festival this month.  Harry and Fleur say they’ve been dubbed Shortland Street’s unofficial comedians and are like brother and sister. The pair have been doing long 12 hour days while juggling filming for the soap as well as rehearsing for the play.

New C4 host Drew Neemia talks to Sunday News about making the switch from Sticky TV to Select.  He writes his own R&B and pop music and hopes to get a record contract.

Sunday News complains about the NZ episode of The Amazing Race: “…all we could come up with was blowkarts, crushing kiwifruit and meeting Phil Keoghan’s dad!  We missed an amazing opportunity to get up on the world tourism stage… next time – if there is one – let’s showcase some spectacular, uniquely Kiwi challenges.”

Marc Ellis talks about his new series How the other half lives and asks if he’s ever going to grow up.  “I don’t change, don’t conform or behave in a certain way because I am at a certain stage.  You have to just be yourself and the world will unfold as it should.  The TV thing has been a secondary gig.  I don’t have to take it too seriously.  I just try to live a life I find enjoyable.”

Desperate Housewives’ Dana Delany (Katherine Mayfair) says “Any of us could go.  Every single person… feels like their days are numbered.  I am not sure how Marc intends to end the season this year, but I don’t think it will be as dramatic as a five-year jump forward.”

Spooks star Rupert Penry-Jones is interviewed about Whitechapel, which screens tonight and next Sunday on TV ONE.  Penry-Jones plays the detective-inspector investigating a series of brutal murders.

Deborah Hill Cone writes a scathing review of Ghost Whisperer – Season 4 starts here this Thursday.  She makes a long list of things which annoy her about Jennifer Love Hewitt and the show and gets particularly annoyed by a scene where Hewitt’s character takes some hormones to solve her infertility problems which “helps the baby feel more at home”.

Close Up reporter Kate McCallum is profiled.  She is responsible for getting the interview with Jan Molenaar’s mum.

Farrah Fawcett‘s (Charlie’s Angels) cancer battle has been screened in a two hour documentary called Farrah’s story.

Kimberley Crossman shares a week in her life which includes returning to Shortland Street after 3 weeks off (to film The Erin Simpson Show and have a holiday).  “Big emotional scenes.”  Dance and drama classes, cheerleading, working on her website and going to the Radio Awards.

SST looks at the highs and lows of the Idol phenomenon as a lead in to the finale of American Idol Season 8, which screens this Friday and Saturday in New Zealand.  Star ratings are given as follows: Dominic Bowden: 8/10, Ben Lummis: 3/10,  Rosita Vai: 1.5/10,  Matthew Saunoa: 1/10
Kelly Clarkson: 11/10,  Carrie Underwood: 20/10, Guy Sebastian: 9/10

SST says NZ Idol was canned after three seasons “due to low ratings” (but I don’t believe this was the case – it still rated very well but without a record label prize fell over).  Of Matthew Saunoa: “his single did so poorly that he was no invited to release a debut album under his Idol contract”.  His single sold fine – and was in the charts for a long time thanks to TVNZ using it as part of their on-air promotions.  The problem?  There wasn’t a record company behind him.

What shows are being advertised?

Homai Te Pakipaki
Hyundai Code
ONE News
Buzzy Bee and Friends


Win Buzzy Bee and Friends prize packs in all the papers.

Win Series 3 of Hotel Babylon on DVD – email your name, address and phone to with Hotel Babylon in the subject line by 1pm May 25. 


Reality TV stars Peter Andre and Jordan are to divorce.

Heidi Klum has been spotted smoking while pregnant. 

Hayden Panettiere is dating UK TV star Steve Jones who is 12 years older than her. 

Jennifer Garner has been voted Best Celebrity Mom. 

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  • TuiKiwi

    It’d be nice to see Idol back again someday, with a record company. I still think if the show was made every second year, it’d still be going.