It's in the Bag - New series!

Packed with catchphrases that delighted a nation, like ‘by hokey!’ and ‘the money or the bag?’, New Zealanders first took this television show to their hearts decades ago.

Now the bona fide homegrown hit, IT’S IN THE BAG – the show that travels to the halls and theatres of our heartland towns and beams into homes for family entertainment – is set to make a comeback, and premieres on Maori Television from Sunday May 31 at 7.00 PM.

Two of this country’s warmest and most entertaining presenters – Pio Terei and Stacey Morrison (nee Daniels) – team up for the first time to lead the revival of this popular programme.

The core format of the show remains much the same as people remember it from Selwyn Toogood’s era. Contestants must still answer questions to get a chance to play, usually on topics that rely on local area knowledge.  Once through, players must still walk the fine line between netting the cash on offer, and taking a chance on the mystery prize contained in their selected bag.

But this time, producers have taken account of the changing times to make the show bi-lingual, calling on Morrison’s undoubted strengths as a reo Maori speaker.

There has also been a move to make the male and female roles equal, which means if Stacey is ever asked to ‘give us a twirl’ to show off her frock, Pio might well find he is required to do the same.

“It’s the 2009 version, which means both presenters have equal footing,” says producer Libby Hakaraia. “They’re really excited, and really into the kaupapa of going into heartland towns.  They are both so quick-witted, and their ability to work off each other means non-stop entertainment. We just think people are really going to get into the spirit of it.”

Those who take part in the show still run the risk of being sent home with an imaginative booby prize – anything from a sack of kina to a loaf of Aunty Wai’s rewana bread – which many may argue is still well worth playing for.

At the other end of the spectrum, some lucky winners may get to take home a new TV or take an exotic holiday.

But more than the prizes, the show will be about fun, whether as a night out or a television viewer.

Says Terei: “I have been waiting all my life to do this show.  I think I may have been in training for it all along!”

And Morrison: “I love that this show is putting positive energy and fun back into our small towns, which so often get missed by entertainers and television.  This show has a huge heart, and that’s certainly what attracted me.”

Classic Kiwi television re-made for a modern audience – IT’S IN THE BAG premieres on Maori Television on Sunday May 31 at 7.00 PM.

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  • Rachel

    Should be fun!

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    Won’t be able to miss this one!