Merlin: Nimueh arrives at Camelot

The evil sorceress, Nimueh (Michelle Ryan, The Bionic Woman and Eastenders), arrives at Camelot ready to cause King Uther more problems. Nimueh dresses as a servant and contrives to get Merlin to drink from a poisoned chalice instead of Arthur. As a result Merlin falls dangerously ill.

With Merlin having previously saved his life, Arthur decides that he must go to the forest of Balor to try and find the antidote. Uther refuses to let his son go, but Arthur rides out of Camelot straight into the trap that Nimueh has set for the prince.

Arthur manages to return to Camelot with the antidote but is arrested for disobeying the King’s orders. Can Arthur save Merlin before it’s too late and what secret is King Uther hiding about Nimueh?

Sunday May 3 on PRIME

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