Morgana Has a Nightmare on Merlin

SUNDAY 24th May 7:30PM

Family Drama

Morgana has a terrible nightmare. It shows Arthur’s death at the hands of a strange but beautiful girl. She does not fully understand it, but the intensity of the dream scares her.

When hunting in the forest, Merlin and Arthur come across a girl, Sophia, and her father, Aulfric, under attack from bandits. The Prince wades in and, with a little covert magical help from Merlin, successfully sees the vagabonds off. The pair are shaken so Arthur offers them refuge in Camelot.

It becomes apparent that Arthur is quite taken with the beautiful Sophia, but when Morgana sees her she is far from happy – this is the girl from her nightmare, Arthur must not trust her. Morgana tells Gaius of her dream and although he does his best to hide it, it is clear she has raised his suspicions over Camelot’s new guests.

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