Real life event similar to next week's Days of Our Lives plot

With the tragic news that a keeper at the Zion Wildlife park in Northland was fatally mauled by a tiger yesterday, it made me realise that an upcoming episode of Days of Our Lives to be screened next week (on Monday June 1 and Tuesday June 2 I think) depicts a tiger mauling the character of Tony DiMera at the Horton Fundraiser circus.

This episode screened in the US in January 2004 and since New Zealand is more than five years behind we are only seeing that episode now.

Ironically, episodes of The Young and the Restless screened in New Zealand last week (originally screened in the US in Febuary 2005) saw the character of Devon Hamilton being threatened by a Lion after breaking into a Zoo.

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  • Dippit

    Just an amendment to the Blog post, due to the Queens Birthday Public holiday, the episodes I mention will screen on Tuesday June 2 and Wednesday June 3, not on Monday as I previously posted.