Salvage Code Red Premiere

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Mondays from 11 May, 7.30pm

Blown Away: Forced aground – with 5,000 tons of coal onboard – the Russian coal freighter Jane is an environmental nightmare. Divers fitted with helmet cameras brave perilous conditions with surf crashing across the wreck to repair the ship, but treacherous weather forces the salvage team to leave their divers on the Jane overnight. When the weather finally breaks, at least 1,000 tons of coal are still on the ship – along with tons of new sand and water. After three months, all of the coal has been removed, but the Jane remains grounded and the rookie salvage master’s plan is in tatters – the crew must abandon the Jane for now. Grounded on one of the most precious coral reefs in the world, the Arcangel has been trapped for six months. The ship is in danger of leaking hundreds of litres of fuel onto the reef. To rescue the Arcangel, the salvage team drive two steel piles into the ocean floor and use a floating barge to pull the boat carefully off the reef. But first, they must make the boat light enough to pull; 130 tons of railway track welded together makes this easier said than done. The team must work tirelessly to capitalise on the month’s highest tide, and their best opportunity to refloat the ship.

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