Sky or nothing

I am very dissapointed that my favourite program namely Eastenders is now only available if you have Sky which I am unable to afford. Personally I think it stinks. Its all about money isn’t it.

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  • Alison Westerman

    I think that it’s about time that the Networks stop hiding behind the ratings and started looking at what viewers actually want to watch! EastEnders has been shunted around from channel to channel, timeslot to timelsot. Each time a change has occurred I see numerous complaints in various media publications. This surely must indicate that there is an audience still wanting to watch this series! Now to top it all off, if I want to continue watching, I will have to subscibe to Sky…
    UKTV & Prime both are Sky channels, couldn’t the powers that be at least keep the Omnibus episode running on Prime so that we, who can’t afford to get Sky can still keep up with the show. Also even if we did subscribe to SKy, we weren’t exactly given notice that this was happening so will potentially miss two weeks worth while we get it installed… I am not happy. Please start listening to the viewers…

  • Charter Obligation

    I used to watch EastEnders when it was on at lunchtime on TVOne, but not since then. I’m just on Freeview so haven’t been able to get it for a long time now. Great show though.

    EastEnders has a great YouTube channel, by the way:

  • wotsonthebox

    I think its great that UK TV has got Eastenders, I just watched their first episode and it was great, far fewer advert breaks than Prime and it is on at the same time as the “t*@t with the tash” on ONE.

    Well done UKTV good job.