Sonny With A Chance: Fast Friends

DISNEY CHANNEL – Friday 15 May, 6pm

The comedy series “Sonny with a Chance” tells the story of Allison “Sonny” Munroe, a talented Midwestern girl who, after posting her homemade comedy videos online, is discovered by a television producer and gets the chance to star in “So Random!”, the most popular sketch comedy series for kids and tweens. After relocating to California with her mother, she meets the “So Random!” cast of characters whom she hopes will become her friends. In “Fast Friends”, when Tween Weekly wants to do a piece on Sonny and follow her around with TV cameras, Tawni pretends to be friends with Sonny and agrees to make “friendship cookies” with her. Tawni sabotages Sonny by having the cameras catch Sonny in the act of screaming at Tawni. Everyone turns on Sonny, thinking she is being mean to Tawni. Meanwhile, Grady and Nico try to make money for court-side seats to a basketball game by selling their stuff on-line. They realise no one wants to buy their stuff, but things like Chad Dylan Coopers half-eaten sandwich is in demand! So they decide to follow Chad to lunch and get some of his half eaten food to sell.

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