The Home Show Premiere

LIVING CHANNEL – Mondays from 4 May, 8.30pm

Brick-a-mortis has paralysed most of the world’s housing market so it’s the perfect opportunity to stop thinking of your house as a get rich quick scheme and instead create a perfect haven. Forget cheap makeovers and bland rooms you never use. Architect George Clarke is about to teach you how to really use space and light. He’ll demonstrate that with a few simple structural changes, your dream home just might be the one you’re living in right now. With a focus on one house per episode, George reworks its layout to optimise its space, natural assets, comfort and style. George will have a month to complete the transformation, calling on the services of professional tradesmen and a hand picked design team to ensure the very highest specification and finish is met. In addition to the build story, architect Angela Brady unlocks the secrets of beautiful European homes which epitomise their national style and shows viewers how they too can get the look.

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