What happened on Shortland Street - Thursday May 7th, 2009

Playing our Shortland Street game? You can earn 25 points each weekday for participating in discussion about tonight’s episode – Thursday May 7th, 2009.

Leave your thoughts on the episode below.

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  • jaydend

    I feel sorry for Daniel, with Sarah. And him talking about Sophies “dead” Mum. Sophie & Daniel Back together? And Scotty needs to get over the fact that Tracey narked. >.<

  • ozki

    I hate the way they portraying MS as a death sentence .. it so untrue

    jaydend, I agree scotty needs to get over it and he gotta remember that is bro did the crime

  • Shortland Sleuth

    How many episodes of Shorty have ended with a couple kissing? I just knew that when Daniel and Sophie started their tonsil-boxing bout that the final credits were going to roll.

  • Canabalistic Waffle

    I thought the pub scene was a bit odd. Aren’t they supposed to be like 17 or something. Surely wouldn’t randomly let teenagers in to play pool with no supervision at a pub

  • Nikki

    Did anyone else notice that the date on the Shooters gift voucher that Daniel had was the 8/5/09? I thought that was kind of interesting, seeing as that is tomorrow… Hmm…

    I thought that Daniel said that they weren’t going to a pub, but it looked like a pub to me.

  • shell_te_puke

    it wasnt a pub…the signs on the wall only advertised softdrinks like redbull etc…its a pool bar without the bar lol…daniels using his mums ms as a way to get sophie to feel sorry for him and it worked…maias an idiot passing her baby over for charity work…poor tans gotta pick up the pieces again!!

  • blissful

    yes a very typical ending of sophie & daniel kissing. who could not see that happening? shame that he is playing her about being sad about his mum though

  • bowles4455

    sophie is a sucker for a sob story!

  • TuiKiwi

    Have you given up on doing the recaps?