Belle Considers Surgery on Secret Diary Of A Call Girl

MONDAY 1st June 9.30pm


Belle is considering getting a boob job for professional development. She visits a client who also happens to be a plastic surgeon, and in front of his nurse he recommends she has the surgery. But in private during a session with Belle, he tells her not to. Belle’s not so sure though.

Belle encounters Bambi again who is planning to enter the world of prostitution via a very dodgy route. Worried for Bambi’s safety, Belle reluctantly introduces her to Stephanie (Cherie Lunghi) but Bambi rejects Stephanie’s offer to work for her because she wants to be independent.

Rising to the challenge, Belle accepts a date with a persistent Alex. Despite a few embarrassing moments the date is fantastic – until Belle receives a distressed phone call from Bambi, who has found herself in a dangerous situation with another punter that she stole from Belle. Will Belle be able to recue Bambi in time? And will her interrupted date with Alex be salvageable?

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