Biofuel on The Best of Top Gear

TUESDAY 30th June 8:30PM


One of the key ingredients that go into making Top Gear is petrol. But, as world oil reserves dwindle, the boys decide to provide for the future by growing their own biofuel crop. Obviously this necessitates the testing of some truly enormous tractors. Each presenter is asked to choose their own tractor for ploughing and cultivating our biofuel field.

James goes for the Fendt 930, which, thanks to its many onboard computers and driving aids, turns out to be a sort of agricultural Mercedes S-Class. Jeremy, unsurprisingly, opts for speed with the 8.3 litre turbo-charged JCB Fastrack. Richard, meanwhile, decides that big is best and picks the 24 tonne SDX Steiger, which looks like the product of an unholy union between a Challenger tank and a block of flats.

After some extremely non-industry standard tests involving a very literal drag race, and surely the slowest power lap the Stig will ever do, the presenters finally make it to their chosen field where work begins on ploughing. Despite the fact that all this really involves is driving up and down in a straight line, it does not go well.

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