Dragon's Den UK and The Real Hustle timeslots?

Hi, just recently I watched an episode of Dragon’s Den UK late one night but forgot what day it was, I’ve tried searching on TVNZ but can’t find anything about it.

And I watched The Real Hustle a few weeks ago on what I remember to be Prime. I saw it on two consecutive days late in the night. And have also tried searching the Prime website and can’t find anything about it either.

If anyone could tell me when these two shows are running, that would be great.

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  • 7:09pm

    Dragon’s Den UK TV1 Tuesday morning about 12:30am or end of Monday listing at about 12:30am because TV people are a few clowns short of a circus, it was not shown last night (or I should at the start of this morning or last nights TV guide because TV1 banged on sport.

    There is a Hustle program on prime at about Sunday 12:30pm to 1pm that is also Sunday listing of the TV guide , I know it is the only c.r.a.p. worth watching on Sunday afternoon. There is another time on Prime when all good workers should be fast aspleep in bed. (Just before “The Late Show With David Letterman”)but maybe that has finished