Eataholics Series Premiere

LIVING CHANNEL – Tuesdays from 23 June, 10.30pm

Britain’s eating habits are in crisis, with sales of junk food booming and obesity at record levels. In this brand new series, nutritionist Natalie Savona and clinical psychologist Stephen Briers try to help people, whose food addictions are taking over their lives, damaging their relationships and threatening their health. Natalie will try and tickle the Eataholics’ taste buds and encourage them to eat new food; while Stephen will attempt to get to the bottom of the psychological problems causing the food phobias. The experts’ aim is to get them all eating a healthy balanced diet in just four weeks. But, with fruit and vegetables tending to leave the Eataholics either reaching for the sick bucket or in tears, it’s always a challenge. To help them along the way Dr Pixie McKenna puts the freaky eaters through a series of medical tests to find out what impact their diets have had on their insides.

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