Home and Away: June 8 - 12

5:30pm – Monday, June 8 on TV 3

It’ll be a week full of dramas, danger and revelations when Home and Away continues on Monday, June 8th at 5:30pm on 3.

Over the last couple of weeks things have not been easy for Summer Bay favourite Belle Taylor (Jessica Tovey). With her drug habit coming out, Belle is now facing her demons in rehab, unaware of what’s been going on between Aden (Todd Lasance) and Nicole (Tessa James). But how long can Aden hide his saucy affair? Is Belle on the verge of finding out the truth that could potentially push her over the edge?

Aden and Nicole aren’t the only illicit Summer Bay couple; this week will see things heating up between Nicole’s ex, Geoff (Lincoln Lewis) and newcomer to the Bay, Claudia.

Having separated from Nicole, this week sees Geoff seeking comfort in Claudia’s arms, but what consequences will this have on the already down-on-his luck Geoff?

Meanwhile, after his accident with Leah, when a rock catapulted through the windscreen and left him blind, life is not easy for Roman Harris (Conrad Coleby). And this week sees Roman’s moodiness continue to isolate him from the people that he cares about the most.

Series star Conrad Coleby says that Roman’s moodiness is just a by-product of his blindness. “To actually be blind would be horrible,” Coleby tells Australia’s Channel 7.

“I can’t imagine a more terrifying disability. I mean you can’t tell the time, you can’t read people’s faces or expressions you don’t know what sort of day it is. I really wanted to portray the anxiety that is associated with that.”

But just how far will he go with this anxiety when he is faced with the truth about his daughter and Aiden?

Make sure not to miss the answers to this question and so much more when the dramas of Summer Bay continue to unfold on Home and Away, screening Monday, June 8th at 5:30pm on 3.

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