Landscape As Muse Continues

ARTS CHANNEL – Mondays continued on into June, 8.00pm

The Landscape as Muse series explores the connection between art and environment through two main components, the artist and his/her process, and the geography/location. In Landscape as Muse, the correlation between land and artwork is continually examined. . Landscape As Muse’s uniqueness is that it provides television audiences with the opportunity to expand their ways of looking at, thinking about, and interpreting art, while featuring nature in all its grandeur and subtlety. The documentary series features installation artists, sculptors, carvers, painters, indigenous artists, and photographers. Filmed in forests, mountain ranges, grasslands, deltas, plains, ocean shores, deserts, and lakes, in all kinds of weather and in all seasons.


Canadian Film and Television Production Association: 2009 Best Documentary Series

Gemini Award for Best Performing Arts or Arts Documentary or Series.

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