Lie To Me Series Premiere

8:30pm – Tuesday, June 2 on TV 3

After making his mark on the big screen in films such as Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and The Incredible Hulk, Tim Roth is now stepping into the world of television to star in 3’s gripping new drama Lie to Me, premiering on Tuesday, June 2nd at 8:30pm on 3.

Lie to Me sees Roth portraying Cal Lightman, an expert at reading emotions who gets suspects to confess to even the worst crimes without laying a hand on them.

“We’re led to believe that it’s all we’ve got, that we have to smash someone’s fingers because otherwise the world’s gonna blow up,” Roth tells American TV Guide. “And we bought all this crap.”

Lightman’s techniques, based on those of real-life lie-detection expert Paul Ekman, envision a more humane brand of crime-fighting, in which intellect trumps physical force. Ekman works with real-life interrogators to help his techniques gain traction.

“I would imagine, for example, with the police force, if they learned to read some fairly simple things that I know Ekman works with them on, people could be safer, there could be less people hurt,” says Roth.

Roth’s idea that extreme force only leads to more extreme force is most thoroughly explored in the actor’s directorial debut, The War Zone, in which a family takes revenge on an abusive parent.

Roth says he took the role on Lie to Me in part so he could continue to make similarly dark, complex films. “The kinds of films I want to direct you don’t get paid for – they’re obviously not commercial ventures necessarily,” he says.

“By the time I was through with [The War Zone], it was time to go back and make some money. Critically received is one thing, but a film about child abuse is not for everybody.”

The actor also draws an unusual comparison between directors and abusers. “An abuser is a great director. You’ve got to keep your actors in line. If your actors break away and start improvising, you’re ending up in jail. Because as soon as they start to speak – as soon as they figure out that they can speak for themselves and that you can’t pull the strings – you’re done. It’s a very dangerous game,” he says.

“They have to manipulate their victim in such a way that the victims will keep a secret.”

And when asked if he feels a certain satisfaction in playing someone on Lie to Me who lives to expose secrets, the actor reveals “Yeah. Absolutely.”

Make sure not to miss this star when the brand new series, Lie to Me premieres on Tuesday, June 2nd at 8:30pm on 3.

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  • oakley

    this real-life science would no doubt prove very useful for sure – but would not be without the grey areas. i mean, i have an anxiety disorder, which other everyday people often pick up on. now i ask, can these experts correctly discern a completely innocent person (who may suffer from an anxiety disorder, or a mental disorder, for example) and rather give their attentions towards the correct suspects (with genuine criminal leanings or intentions)?