Marc Ellis and Indian Culture on How The Other Half Lives

Tuesday 9 June, 9.30pm

With buttered chicken the extent of Marc Ellis’ knowledge of Indian culture, he was keen to discover a little more about the large population of Indians living in New Zealand, on tonight’s episode of How The Other Half Lives at 9.30pm on TV ONE.

When Ellis and his team set out to select communities for this series they wanted to show diverse views of the world and spend a few days with them. From Chatham Islanders to Muslims, the desire was to enter their environment with fresh eyes to examine and enjoy the differences.

Ellis says, “We have travelled the length and breadth of New Zealand and have spent time with everyone from hippies to coalminers, from Indians to bushmen, it’s been good crack.”

“To be honest, the series has been a real eye opener. I knew very little about a lot of the topics aside from a few basic stereotypes, so it was a great time to spend a few days with people getting to know a little bit about the way they see and do things and what lights their candle.”

Tonight’s episode sees Ellis thrown in the deep end, experiencing the numerous rituals of a thriving Indian community, along with their hard-working lifestyles and traditions.

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