More uproar over TV2's TXT speak

There have already been a number of complaints about TV2’s new lets try and be cool TXT speak promos.  You don’t have to spend long on twitter in the evenings before you see more people complaining about the dumbing down.  On blogs and forums everywhere, people are complaining about it.  It’s just not cool.

As Moata puts it, you’re not cool enough for that. You are TVNZ.

I agree.  It’s like hearing your mother try and use current slang or see your father dressed up in baggy jeans and a hoodie.  It just doesn’t work and the only phrase that comes to mind is “try-hard”.  It’s ok to just be yourself, you know.

TVNZ has this massive disconnect between what they’re doing and their audience.  Is there any market research happening over there at all?  One would have to assume not.  Besides, isn’t their target market the 18-39 household shopper?  Since when did they use TXT speak as their primary language?

Please TVNZ.  Give us our vowels back!

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