Morgana Pleads Mercy for Tom on Merlin

SUNDAY 28th June 7:30PM

Family Drama

Against his better judgement Gwen’s father, Tom, agrees to help a renegade sorcerer, Tauren, turn lead into gold using a magical stone. Halfway through the act, a voice rings out – they’re both under arrest. Several guards appear out of the shadows, led by Arthur. Tom goes quietly but Tauren uses magic to escape. Tom is placed under arrest for treason against Camelot.

Morgana and Arthur plead mercy for Tom but Uther is adamant – he will face trial and if he is found guilty, there can be only one sentence. Morgana tells Uther that if he kills Gwen’s father, she will never forgive him. Uther says that it is he who should forgive her for siding with those that would bring his reign crashing down. Just what will Uther’s refusal to be lenient force Morgana to do?

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