The Force Returns

Monday 29 June, 7.30pm

New episodes of one of Australia’s favourite real-life cop series, The Force, returns to TV ONE tonight at 7.30pm, continuing to highlight the raw reality of life as an Australian police officer.

The city and country-based officers of the Western Australian Police and NSW Police Force are the undisputed stars of this real-life drama. Access is everything in observational series, and the generosity of these units allows The Force to bring an accurate depiction of their work to viewers.

Hosted by Simon Reeve, The Force captures the action and feeling behind each story, from the investigation and arrest to the conviction. The reactions from the police, the accused and even their loved ones give viewers a full picture of events.

Series producer David Peters says, “The Force is as close as you’re going to get to this sort of action without being a crook yourself. This is no re-creation or dramatisation of crime, this is the real thing”.

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