TVNZ ditches stupid TXT speak campaign

TVNZ have announced they are ditching their TXT Speak campaign after it became clear the public didn’t appreciate it.

Progressively, over the next few days and weeks it will return to the way it was and you will see vowels once again.

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  • TuiKiwi

    Nooo I liked the graphics and how they are, just not the txt. 🙁

  • jaydend

    Agreed. The graphics were pretty cool, just not the txt slang

  • TuiKiwi

    Just saw a advert for Ghost Whisperer – it said “Thursday” instead of “THU” and retained the current style, yay 😀

  • Dave

    Yay! It was a ghetto idea. Just a lame attempt to try and be “all hip and cool wiv da kids”, haha

  • angus

    About time. It was so annoying.

  • Purple Tentacle

    Aww, they listened to us. Makes me feel as though I’ve made the world a better place.

  • hampete

    How they ever thought treating their viewers like idiots would work is beyond me. I’m sure they’ll update the graphics again soon; just had to throw something together to replace the crap language!