Loretta's Lover's Introduction To The Wests on Outrageous Fortune

9:30pm – Tuesday, July 28 on TV 3

Loretta’s (Antonia Prebble) secret lover gets his first real introduction to the Wests when the award-winning Outrageous Fortune continues its action-paced fifth season on Tuesday, July 28th at 9:30pm on 3.

Last week viewers were introduced to Loretta’s new man when Graeme (Nick Kemplen) paid the youngest West a visit after her Took Guys, Aaron (Wesley Dowdell) and The Gooch (Karl Willetts), cut down an endangered tree.

The meeting resulted in Graeme asking Loretta out, but still hopeful something might spark up between her and Hayden (Shane Cortese) Loretta turned him down – however this did not last long.

“The reason she gets together with Graeme is purely as a defense mechanism, as a reflex, to convince herself and Hayden, but mainly to convince herself that she doesn’t need him and she never wanted him anyway,” reveals Prebble of the unexpected hook-up.

Now with Loretta and Graeme as close to a couple as one would expect from the youngest West, Cortese reveals that his character may be experiencing feelings which until now have been foreign to Hayden.

“He hasn’t really seen Loretta with anybody else,” he says. “When he sees Loretta with this man who’s obviously a nice guy, it just kills him.”

“These are emotions he’s never felt before because he’s never had too much of a problem with women and their ways before.”

“He’s probably never felt jealousy and doesn’t realise what it is, but it’s quite obviously apparent that it’s there with what he says and the way he is around this particular affair.”

But what are the real reasons behind Loretta’s change of mind towards the man she once knew as Ranger Graeme?

“Loretta and Hayden are just constantly doing this dance because they’re both so scared and so stubborn and proud,” says Prebble.

“She’s been denying to herself that she actually cares about him [Hayden] so when she gets hurt by him, what she does straight away is go and distract herself and have sex with someone who clearly does like her, makes her feel really good about herself and is a nice guy.”

Does all this mean that she’s just using Graeme, and there’s still hope for Cheryl’s (Robyn Malcolm) dream of Loretta, Hayden and Jane being a real family? Find out when Outrageous Fortune continues on Tuesday, July 28th at 9:30pm on 3.

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