Prime Rocks Sereis Premiere: Duran Duran

MONDAY 20th July 9:30PM


Prime Rocks is back and kicks off this new series with an in-depth look into Duran Duran’s seminal album Rio.

Released against a backdrop of riots, record unemployment and the Falklands War, this optimistic and celebratory album would generate a string of hit singles and groundbreaking videos and catapult Duran Duran to global stardom.

Rio saw the band make a huge leap from catchy, if somewhat rudimentary, New Romantic synthfunk, to elegantly arranged, sophisticated pop-rock, concentrating more on song structure than dance beats. They were rewarded with superstar status, due chiefly to the hit single Hungry Like the Wolf, a tasty tune that injects a welcome dose of rock & roll guitar. Other standout tracks on Rio include Lonely in Your Nightmare, My Own Way, Save a Prayer, The Chauffer and Rio.

This documentary includes stacks of archive footage from the period as well as interviews with original band members Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor. Other interviewees include director Russell Mulcahy, former manager Paul Berrow and Bob Geldof.

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