Pulling John

DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL – Saturday 4 July, 8.30pm

Pulling John is a sweat-drenched uncompromising journey that steers you through the personal story of a living legend, two young contenders and their path to glory or fall from grace. John Brzenk is consumed by one question. A mythical figure in a sport he helped popularize, Brzenk has gone 25 years as the Arm-wrestling World Champion. At 40, he is torn as to whether he should retire while he is the reigning best or succumb to the inevitable – loss to a new champion. Pulling John, a cinema-vÃ�©ritÃ�© documentary filmed over four years in Japan, Canada, Russia, Poland, the Ukraine, and USA exposes the spectacular and mythical world of arm-wrestling; where two young titans are in pursuit of a living legend – John Brzenik. Alexey Voevoda is a twenty-five year old Russian who respects the traditional Soviet Values of discipline coupled with athletic prowess. Educated in the sport of arm-wrestling from a young age and well aware of John Brzenk’s cold war era victories over the Soviets, Voevoda has dedicated his life to toppling the legend. Travis Bagent is a 26 year old from West Virginia with an undaunted spirit despite a childhood of poverty and hard knocks. Bagent’s father and mentor, “Big Arm” Boyd passed on two important things to his son; arm-wrestling and the legend of John Brzenk. PULLING JOHN follows Travis’s personal journey as he works his way up through the ranks towards the ultimate showdown with the two adversaries that stand in his path to glory.

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