Rocked the Nation 2: New Zealand Pop Culture Stories Premiere

This July C4 follows up the successful Rocked the Nation: 100 NZ Music Moments documentary series, with another six part series counting down 100 of New Zealand’s most influential, attention grabbing moments in pop culture.

‘Rocked the Nation 2: New Zealand Pop Culture Stories’ premieres Monday July 6th at 8.30pm on C4.

Hosted by New Zealand’s own Rhys Darby, ‘Rocked The Nation 2’ will take viewers on a ride through the top 100 moments in New Zealand’s pop culture. We’ll revisit the important and the trivial, the famous and the infamous and investigate the events that make up the fabric of our kiwi lives.

If you stayed cool till after school, wore red socks in a display of patriotism, or believed in the power of luminous spheres – Rocked the Nation will be must watch telly.

Through the series we’ll celebrate some of the colourful characters of our time – from NZ’s king of comedy Billy T, our Hollywood bad boy Cliff Curtis, Buck Shelford, through to the yodelling Topp Twins, Fred Dagg, the Ingham Twins and even Hairy Maclary.

With commentary from some of New Zealand’s leading entertainers, intellectuals and key players – Rocked the Nation reflects Kiwi culture in a contemporary and informative manner.

The 100 moments range from the enlightening to the humorous – and of course there’s a touch of sentimental. Sniff.

Find out about the moment that made us hate our Australian brothers, how we wrote the Office before Ricky Gervais, which C4 presenter made his debut in “Gliding On”, whatever happened to The Bushwackers and the glittering success of our NZ Idol sensations. Yeah Right. ‘Rocked the Nation 2: New Zealand Pop Culture Stories’ takes us on a nostalgic rollercoaster ride and revisits the stories that helped define what it means to be a New Zealander.

This is must watch telly for everyone who calls themselves a kiwi.

Rocked the Nation premieres Monday July 6th 8.30pm on C4

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  • samofthewest

    finally another good show on C4! Second to Jono’s New Show!