Rumours Swirl on Army Wives

Thursday 9 July, 10.30pm

Army Wives continues with its explosive and compelling storylines as more drama unfolds for the army personal and their loved ones.

The Army Wives characters face all sorts of challenges trying to fit in, staying connected to their soldier spouses, and abiding by strict military traditions. The series brings us infidelity, family drama, sizzling romance, ruthless rivalries, shocking rumours and heartbreaking deployments. Expect even more excitement and surprises in tonight’s episode.

Betty learns that her cancer is advancing and decides to fulfil her life long dream of driving across country in a Ford Mustang. Increasingly nervous about becoming a father, Roland spends the day at the hospital’s baby ward getting advice from Denise. Rumours swirl about Denise’s friendship with Getti, when another nurse sees them together off post.

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