Torchwood: Children of Earth rules

Lucky for everyone living in Canada and close to the border, Space TV has screened Torchwood:  Children of Earth all week and will show the final part tonight, in 48 minutes! 

This third season of Torchwood, and first season to be shown on BBC1, is a tight, suspenseful thriller with a disturbing moral dilemma and a gruesome and unimaginable alien.  It also has stunning character development for the remaining members of Torchwood, with storylines that change everything for everybody.

It reminds me of Childhoods End by Arthur C. Clarke in the way it builds up an alien menace which is revealed in staggering sequence after staggering sequence to reveal… I’m not exactly sure yet, and I wouldn’t write it here anyway.  The people in the most peril in this story are indeed the children of earth and no matter how high the stakes get for the other characters it always brings you back to the biggest story. 

I highly recommend that anybody who wants to watch this avoids spoilers before watching it.

Spoiler:  (kinda):  The government of UK & Northern Ireland is depicted in an entirely different light than the US government were in Independece Day.  They are shown as scheming and corrupt while they go about their D Day diplomacy.  The American general is not particularly nice either.

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