America's Next Top Model Series 11 Premiere

7:30pm – Friday, August 7 on TV 3

There’s something a little different about the upcoming cycle of America’s Next Top Model. The hit reality series is breaking the norm with one of its latest cycle cast members. America’s Next Top Model premieres its 11th cycle on Friday, August 7th at 7:30pm on 3.

“Some people might say I’m transgender, some people might say transsexual. Personally, I prefer ‘born in the wrong body,'” 11th cycle hopeful Isis explains to Entertainment Tonight.

According to America’s Next Top Model executive producer Ken Mok, the decision to cast a transgender contestant in the show’s upcoming season was done to help further one of host and Executive Producer Tyra Banks’ initial reasons for launching the long-running reality series.

“We want to redefine what beauty is,” he explains. “You can be tall, you can be short, you can be plus size, you can be transgender; you don’t have to be what the modelling industry says you have to be. That was one of Tyra’s original missions.”

Although Top Model’s latest cycle will be the first time Isis has competed on the show, she previously participated in one of its 10th cycle photo shoots after producers found her living in a homeless shelter. The shoot required each finalist to pose with several homeless partners – one of which was Isis.

“She participated in the shoot and we didn’t know anything about her,” explains Mok. “But when we started reviewing the photos, the girl that kept popping out of the background was Isis. She really knew what she was doing.”

“Tyra wanted to know who she was. It was clear she really had a passion for modelling. So when it came to casting this season, we said, ‘Why don’t we find that girl?'”

And that’s exactly what they did. Viewers will be introduced to the pre-op 22-year-old non-profit organisation program assistant during this week’s season premiere, when Banks trims 30 would-be models to 14 Top Model finalists.

However the question still remains – will Isis make the 14 finalists, will she be the series’ first ever transgender model? Find out when America’s Next Top Model premieres its latest cycle on Friday, August 7th at 7:30pm on 3.

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