Britain's Greatest Machines With Chris Barrie Premiere: 1930's The Road To War

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Wednesday 5 August, 7.30pm

In this new series, Chris Barrie seeks out the great British machines that have changed people’s lives and help shaped Britain as we know it today. He tells the stories of these mechanical icons with passion, wit and a great deal of expertise. With his own eclectic collection of restored vintage and classic vehicles this is a subject close to his heart. Tackling the subject one decade at a time, Chris puts the engineering achievements of each era into the context of the bigger picture of British history. In this first series the four episodes tackle the Nineteen Thirties, Fifties, Sixties and Eighties. Chris takes a hands-on approach to history and he’ll driving or operating many of the vehicles in the series. And while he’ll celebrate the successes, Chris will also reveal some glorious failures.

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