Eliot Kid: Shrinking Animals

DISNEY CHANNEL – Every Friday from 7 August, 4pm

In “Shrinking Animals” (7 Aug), Mutton and Salami have disappeared! Eliot and his friends go looking for his cat and dog and discover that an old lady in the neighbourhood who has the incredible power to shrink animals and mailmen has captured them! They are going to have to go visit the old lady…Then in “Eliot’s Nightmare” (7 Aug), in the park, a friend of Suzie’s is telling the kids a terrifying horror story. In the story, a babysitter takes advantage of the parent’s absence in order to invite a monster that eats kids into the house. Eliot is terrorised. It just so happens that tonight, his parents are going out. And Jade, the babysitter is going to look after the kids. The real nightmare begins…

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