Enough Rope Series Premiere: Rod Stewart

LIVING CHANNEL – Saturdays from 8 August, 8.00pm

The Living Channel is delighted to be screening the award-winning Australian talk show Enough Rope. Host, Australian Broadcaster Andrew Denton is renowned for his extraordinary interviews with some of the world’s most famous people – Michael Parkinson, Clint Eastwood, Bill Bailey, Angelina Jolie, Gordon Ramsey, Helen Mirren and Elton John. Using humour and original lines of questioning, Andrew manages to get his guests to open up in ways that even surprise themselves, making every episode unique. Tonight Rod Stewart opens up about being a beatnik, his first professional ‘gig’ where he managed to make one song last 22 minutes, writing poems with Ronnie Wood, the unexpected success of Maggie May and his battle with throat cancer.

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