From The BBC: Coming Of Age

7:10pm Thursday, August 13 on TVNZ 7

A global collage of adolescence.

Children from across the world celebrate their coming of age.

In Russia, 16 year-old Andrew is a member of an extreme rightwing group that preaches hatred of ‘non whites’ and people from the Caucauses. His story is a disturbing insight into a world where racial beatings and fascist rhetoric are acceptable practice.
In Uganda, Every year, thousands of boys from all over the country travel to an ancient holy site to be circumcised. This year, 16-year-old Kamoti John will join them. It is traditional that the boys lose their virginity six weeks after circumcision; but with the rise of AIDS in modern Uganda, will John decide to forgo this part of the ritual?

11 year-old Nur lives in Kelantan, the last Muslim-run state in Malaysia. Nur is a strict Muslim: she wears the veil, shuns make-up, and works hard at her religious studies. Yet she is also a free spirit: she enjoys climbing trees and wants to be a banker when she grows up. What does the future hold for Nur, in a state where politics and religion are so stiflingly intertwined?
Each child’s narrative contributes to a global collage of adolescent experience, revealing the political, social and religious themes that divide us, and the universal human themes that unite us. The children’s stories are also a testament to the age-old struggle between traditional ways of life and the pressure to modernise.

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