NZ Smashes Guinness World Records Premiere

7:00pm Sunday, August 30 on TV2

TV2’s brand new series, NZ Smashes Guinness World Records will pit Kiwi record-breakers against the world, as the show attempts to victoriously bring thrilling, funny and awe-inspiring world records to New Zealand.

Hosted by record-holder Marc Ellis, who still holds the record for the most tries by an individual in a Rugby World Cup match (it was six, against Japan in 1995), the show brings the legendary record book alive with the craziest, funniest and sometimes even downright dangerous world records. From cramming cheerleaders into a Mini, to smashing through burning doors, ordinary New Zealanders will attempt to break the most famous Guinness records, as well as some you didn’t know existed.

One person who is no stranger to these attempts is Guinness World Records Adjudicator Chris Sheedy; he witnesses records all over the world, and he’s been bowled over by what he’s seen here. “It’s demonstrated to me the reason why New Zealand is so good at sport on the world stage. I’ve rarely seen such spirit and dedication in the world of record-breaking.”

The programme has also not shied away from the big, iconic records, as Sheedy points out: “There are some amazing records broken on this show, some real classics. Records that people all around the world are trying to break all the time. And the Kiwis just keep breaking them! It’s mind blowing!”

For presenter Marc Ellis, the show appeals to his boyhood fascination with the famous book. “I’ve always been into Guinness World Records. I used to get the book every year when I was a kid, to see what the new weird and wonderful records were. I’ve just been fascinated by the crazy assortment of records that people are keen to have a crack at!”

Ellis has also been impressed with the Kiwi talent on the show. “We’re taking on some of the biggest challenges, and we’re succeeding – we’re beating some massive nations. I think people will love the fact that the little fellas from New Zealand are doing it.”

Stay tuned throughout the season to see Marc Ellis attempt to break a few records of his own.
This week, kickboxing champion and cage fighter Reuben de Jong will attempt one of the most dangerous records in the book – running through the most panes of glass in under one minute.

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