Orangutan Island Series 2 Premiere

ANIMAL PLANET – Tuesdays from 25 August, 9.30pm

Orangutan Island is back and our 32 orphaned orangutans are in for some big changes. Lone Droscher-Nielsen, project manager of the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre proposes an open border between Palas and the Orangutan Island, enabling the older orangutans to live with the younger orphans. The hope is that the Palas Island elders will nurture and teach the youngsters, however, this is a risky experiment that could also endanger the progress made toward creating a strong Orangutan society able to survive in the true wild. Before long, limited island sanctuaries will force Lone to face even more tough decisions including moving all the orangutans to another island and merging them with a third community.

* This is a NHNZ production – New Zealand Series Producer, Judith Curran.

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